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Our story...

Event81 was established in 2016 in Potchefstroom, North-West Province, South Africa by the Van Niekerk and Du Preez families. The company grew out of a need to address high quality, right priced and available sports equipment - with a particular focus on the children market. Our passion is service, advice, and healthy living. The Van Niekerks bought out the Du Preezs in 2019. 

Why “EVENT81"?

Look, we love our Parkrun! So to add some zwhoosh to our local Parkrun, one of our directors decided to design and make a unique Personal Best "gong" (see pic ). However, one may never be ordinary and thus he looked for something uniquely Potchefstroom Parkrun to put on the design of the gong. This he found in "Event81".

Potchefstroom Parkrun Event No. 81 took place on 29 August 2015. On this "lovely" Saturday morning the Mooiriver was in flood, the grass area burned pitch black, and this meant that the second loop of the 2,5km route had to be bypassed. The first loop had to be run three times to make up the 5km route. However, what was not realised was that in the planning of the Potch Parkrun, the original start was measured from a spot approximately 120m back from where the start is today. This in effect meant that on the three loop course the total distance was 4,7km and not 5km. Thus on Event 81, 54% of all runners (regulars and first timers) ran their personal best. A new course record for both men and women was set by Adelle Broodryk (17:58min) and Petrus Ditabe (15:52min). The men's record was broken again by Petrus Ditabe on 16 July 2016 (15:51min), and again on 17 June 2017 by our local junior athlete, Robert de Villiers in a time of 15:17min (Event 311). The women's record still stands. Thus, Event81, became our synonym for "personal best".

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